Windows 10 Manager 3.4.1 Activated

Multilingual, registered regular and portable versions in one installer.
Windows 10 Manager is an all-in-one optimizer program, a complete solution for excellent optimization, thoughtful tuning and high-quality cleaning of Windows 10 operating systems. The program includes more than 30 utilities that improve and speed up the system, increase its stability, stability and security. Windows 10 Manager allows you to access several hundred hidden options for configuring the system, provides detailed information about all computer components and running processes, and helps you personalize your copy of Windows.

  • Information . Receives detailed information about the system and all its devices; helps you find the installation key for Windows, Office products; shows all detailed information about running processes and subprocesses on your machine; Windows 10 Manager offers automatic cleaning of your system with just one click.
  • Optimizer . Adjust your system to increase the speed of starting and closing windows; tune your hardware to improve system performance; Optimize Task Schedule is used to eliminate unnecessary system tasks.
  • Cleaner . Find out which files or folders are taking up space on your disk; find and clean unnecessary files to increase hard disk space; Duplicate Files Finder can scan your computer for files with the same size, name and modification time; Registry Cleaner will quickly check your system registry and fix entries with incorrect links, automatically removing incorrect entries; Registry Defrag repairs and renumbers your system registry to reduce application response times and registry access times.
  • Individual customization . Check what starts when Windows starts; create shortcut icons on the control panel using the Jump List quick launch tool; customize the Windows 10 boot menu; edit context menus with the right mouse click; customize your desktop, menus, control panel and alert settings; customize the look of your system.
  • Protection . You can improve the settings of the desktop, menus, security when logging in, as well as a huge number of hidden features of the system, disable system updates and error reporting; close and restrict access to disks, determine which applications cannot run on your computer; encrypt / decrypt files and open them for general access, change the location of system folders; Privacy Protector is able to ensure your privacy, eliminating all traces of your activity; generate many random passwords in one go.
  • Network . Optimize the speed of your internet connection, configure all public objects
  • Mixed utilities . Browse the collection of Windows utilities; split and merge any files.

Features of the program:

  • shows detailed information about all computer components, hardware, user system and office products;
  • displays running processes and open threads;
  • has options for optimizing and configuring Windows operating parameters;
  • has built-in modules for cleaning the registry, hard disk, etc .;
  • increases the speed of loading and shutting down the PC;
  • allows to increase the performance of running multimedia programs;
  • configures network connections;
  • allows you to customize the appearance of the interface and some functions for managing the desktop, menus, services and services, Internet Explorer, etc.

Using Windows Manager you can:

  • Speed ​​up system startup and shutdown
  • Search for unnecessary and duplicate files and delete them
  • Fix errors in the registry
  • Defragment the registry
  • Disable system updates and error reporting

In addition, many operations are available related to customizing the appearance of the system:

  • Loading screen can be changed
  • Change the contents of context menus
  • Set automatic wallpaper change in the background, set up notification messages

Features of Repack’a:
Type: installation | unpacking the portable version.
Languages: ML. Activation: done.
Cut: nothing.

Command line switches:

  • Silent installation of the regular version: / S / I
  • Unpacking portable version: / S / P
  • It is also possible to select a directory for installation: After all the keys, add / D =% path% Example: installation_file.exe / S / I / D = C: \ Windows 10

Changes in version:
– Fix the bugs for Hardware Monitor and File Security.
– Fix the typo for My Task.
– Perfect some functions.

OS: Windows 10 

Download Windows 10 Manager 3.4.1 (15.33 MB):


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