Adobe components: Flash Player + AIR + Shockwave Player

At the request of the site users, I have assembled an installer for Adobe products, which contains three components: Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR and Adobe Shockwave Player .

Adobe Flash Player is a plug-in for all popular browsers – Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera, with which you can play Flash movies (SWF files), watch online videos and listen to online audio files, and which you can use for free download at Only with this add-on is the browser able to correctly display web pages and interactive web elements developed using Flash technology. This technology is widely used for creating advertising banners, animations, games, as well as playing video and audio recordings on web pages.

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)Is a platform-independent application launcher from Adobe that allows you to use HTML / CSS, Ajax, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flex to bring web applications to the desktop. Adobe AIR includes the ability to create an installation package that can be easily installed on a user’s computer. Packages are supported on all platforms supported by this system, but of the existing package management systems in modern operating systems, it only supports YUM for Linux.

Adobe Shockwave Player– component for playing Flash movies, which provides the best quality for displaying interactive content of web pages for entertainment or business in Flash. Adobe Shockwave is a technology that allows you to enjoy all the delights of interactive 3D graphics on the Internet, and it is to display this data that Adobe Shockwave Player was created. Shockwave Player has long been recognized as the standard means of playing multimedia content published on the Internet.

Silent installation keys:
• Adobe Flash Player all: / S / FALL
• Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer: / S / FE
• Adobe Flash Player for Chromium platform: / S / FC
• Adobe AIR: / S / AI
• Adobe Shockwave Player Full : / S / SF
• Adobe Shockwave Player Slim: / S / SL
• All components: / S / ALL

Changes in version 09/13/2020:
• Adobe Flash Player updated to version

Download Adobe components: Flash Player + AIR + Shockwave Player (88.51 MB):

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